The Creative Life


“Destination: Chaos” is a story of two ordinary people who Destiny decided are meant for each other. And what Destiny herself decides the Angels of Destiny must implement without question. As Eternal Beings they are supposed to be unbiased guardians, stealthy agents and omniscient entities responsible for the balance of the Universe, which they are – at least most of the time. But being Eternal does not mean they cannot have surprisingly human-like quirks of their own. And there is this one small problem that they have never dealt with humans (the Earth variety) before, so for the first time since time began matters started to get slightly out of hand…

Eve Kerry lives in London and is your usual young woman with a short temper (dangerous on your glassware) and down-to-earth approach to life. Jack Gardner is a young, promising toxicologist from US who made a mistake of going on a research trip to Africa where he got swamped by mud and half-devoured by mosquitoes. Aeriel and Angus are two Angels of Destiny assigned to get these two together. If only it was so simple…

It may sound romantic, but instead of being a romantic adventure it lands Jack and Eve in a chaotic series of events. They can only retain their grip on sanity if they resort to looking at life with a sense of humour and a very open mind.

It all starts when an Angel of Destiny makes Eve and Jack meet each other, rather abruptly, somewhere in the middle of African wilderness. But he blunders and not only is the meeting too short, but Eve ends up with a gift of translocation – which basically means she can poof away to any place she chooses within seconds – if she can learn to control it. And of course she needs to get the poof-to destination coordinates exactly right or else… it can get unpleasant.

With the help of her friend Eve struggles to control her gift and to use it to find Jack, but before that actually happens she has to find her way out of a series of absurd situations she gets herself into by mistake. An encounter with Buddhist monks meaning to kill her for desecrating their shrine seems to be the least of her worries (she did not really mean to impersonate their Goddess, it was an accident she happened to poof to their altar in the middle of a sacred ceremony and hopefully they can understand that). An accidental meeting with her future in-laws may well go down as the most catastrophic one in the history of male-female relationships on Earth.

Jack decides to look for Eve with the use of more traditional means but when his chopper crashes in the middle of nowhere it is up to the Angels of Destiny to save his life (cushioning a fall will never have the same meaning again) and up to Eve to find him and get help. The Cinderella at the crash site story unfolds, but Eve and Jack loose each other from sight again.

In possession of Eve’s shoe Jack makes the mistake of asking a gay shoe-specialists for help, and when Eve drops by (literally, landing on a bar table) in the least suitable moment she is convinced the guy she has fallen for is gay. Faced with this problem even the two Angels of Destiny, who themselves are not resistant to human failings and dynamics of male-female interaction, find themselves at a loss.

Now it is Jack’s turn to start a national campaign of “I’m not gay – are you my Cinderella?” which results in a series of his lectures turning into a female-fans swamped nightmare, but not in finding Eve.

When all supernatural means fail it is up to the traditional methods to make the meeting between Jack and Eve possible, but instead of a happy ending this is where all the problems start. How do you explain to the father of you boyfriend what exactly happened when you appeared out of thin air 7 feet above him when he was sunbathing on Bali, and unceremoniously landed on his belly? Or to his mother how exactly did this happen that your shoe was found at the crash site in Africa when you were in London? Or even more importantly, how do you explain all these to a guy you love without scaring him away? Diplomacy may be an efficient tool when handled skillfully, but even it has limits.

Strongly determined, Jack and Eve make it through all these not-so-ordinary problems, and also through their fair number of more ordinary ones, and the wedding day comes. But when the bride suddenly disappears from in front of the altar only seconds before saying the sacramental “I do” the Angels of Destiny must reveal themselves and face the punishment for it - or everything is lost.